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What can I expect from a Project Puppet pattern?

Each Project Puppet pattern comes with a full-sized pattern and instructions that take you through the construction process step by step using drawings, diagrams, and photos. Our patterns will yield a "puppet blank" from which you can create your own puppet character.

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Do I need any special skills to use a Project Puppet pattern?

You don’t have to be a professional to get excellent results with any of our patterns. Our motto at Project Puppet is Professional Puppets Made Easy. You’ll be sewing, gluing, cutting, and most importantly, using your imagination. You can find the recommended skill level for each pattern on its product page. Our skill levels are: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.

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Do I need any special tools or expensive materials?

A sewing machine is as complicated as it gets (and you could even get by without one). Most necessary tools can be found at your local craft or hardware store, and are relatively inexpensive. If any required materials are not easily obtainable to the majority of our customers, we will try to make them available on our website or provide a source for the product.

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Do Project Puppet patterns require the use of any hazardous materials?

We try to keep our techniques as non-toxic, environmentally safe, and brain cell friendly as possible. However, some materials we may recommend require special care to maintain your health and safety. We urge you to take all safety precautions while building your puppet and follow all manufacturers' directions and guidelines as to the use of their products. Add to that a good dose of common sense. 

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What is an add-on pattern?

An add-on pattern is just that — a pattern that "adds on" to another pattern. Used alone, it will not yield an entire puppet. We create add-on patterns to enhance the form or function of our base or core patterns. Doing so increases the variety of characters you can make from a single pattern.

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How big are the puppets?

  • Simple Series puppets are about 12-15 inches from top of head to base of body.
  • Mostro puppets are about 25 inches from head to foot.
  • Borsa puppets are about 24 inches from top of head to base of body. 

Any of the patterns can be enlarged or reduced to suit your needs using a photocopy machine.

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This pattern seems small. Should I enlarge it?

While you can enlarge our patterns to suit the needs of the character or puppeteer, please note that our patterns are designed to fit snugly on the puppeteer's hand. A close fit makes the puppet more suitable for performance.

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How can I use my finished puppet?

Our patterns and instructions are protected by copyright laws, which means they cannot be copied and distributed without written permission from Project Puppet. These laws apply to the actual pattern sheet and instructions (together and separately, in whole or in part), as well as the characters represented on our website. Your finished puppet characters, however, are yours! We love to see your finished puppets, so don’t be shy — share them with us! 

Note: Our Terms and Conditions prohibit the purchasing of Project Puppet patterns for use in "mass production of puppets, whether for free distribution or commercial gain." 

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Can I post my puppet on social media?

Yes, please do! Your finished puppet characters are yours, so feel free to post them on social media. Our patterns, however, belong to us and copyright laws prohibit their public display. That means that they should not be photographed and displayed publicly. If you want to document your building process on social media, a website, or other public forum, we ask that you do not post overhead photographs of our patterns or the fabric pieces they yield. Photos taken "straight on" can be enlarged and traced by individuals who have no regard for the creativity and hard work of others. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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How do I pay as a business or institution? Do you accept paper checks?

Please contact us. We’re here to help!

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Where is my order?

All shippable orders are sent with a tracking number that will be emailed to you at the time of shipment. Please check spam/junk folders if you have not received an email with tracking information.

Many products on our site are downloadable, either partially or completely. Log into your Project Puppet account and download your files, or check your email for instructions on how to retrieve the purchased items. 

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Can I download my pattern more than once? What if I lose my pattern file?

Please be prepared to save your pattern in a safe place when you download it. If you lose your pattern — never fear! Once you've purchased a Project Puppet pattern, it's yours for life, come rain, snow, or computer crashes. Just contact us and we'll be glad to help! (For the fastest service, please provide your order number and your order date.) 

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International Customers: How long will it take to receive my order?

Typically, shipping time is 6-10 business days after order processing (no longer than 48 hours). Occasionally, packages can take longer depending on weather conditions, your local postal service, and other factors. You will receive a tracking number via email when your order ships.

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I didn’t get the newsletter sign-up coupon code. Why not?

Sometimes the sign-up confirmation email is mistakenly marked as spam/junk. If you can’t find the email, please contact us and we’ll take it from there!

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Does Project Puppet do custom work?

Yes, we do! Contact us and tell us about your project.