How to Model Puppet Eyes for 3D Printing - Online Workshop

Skill Level: Beginner


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How to Model Puppet Eyes for 3D Printing - Online Workshop - Project Puppet

Tired of using ping pong balls and plastic spoons? Irritated by the limited choices (and high prices) of online puppet-building suppliers? Frustrated with how to securely attach eyes to the puppet's face? Then this workshop is for you!

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  • Why 3D-Printed Eyes?

    • 3D-printed eyes are lightweight and durable.
    • A mechanism for attachment can be designed right into the eyes, making it more of an engineered part than eyes created by other methods.
    • Learning to model in 3D is a transferable skill. Start with a pair of eyes and move to noses, teeth, horns, and even complex mechanisms for in-performance animations.
    • Unlike casting resin in silicone molds, or vacuum-forming sheets of styrene plastic, modeling eyes for 3D printing costs $0 to get started and can yield a typical pair of eyes for less than $10 - and that's if you DON'T have a 3D printer. With a printer of your own, a pair of eyes costs less than a buck.

    The Details

    Who: Pasha Romanowski (Instructor)

    When: TBD

    Where: Online (Zoom)

    What does the workshop include?

    • How to use custom eyes to enhance your puppet character
    • Step-by-step demonstration of how to create a half-dome eye for 3D printing
    • How to 3D-model custom eye shapes
    • A tried and true method of attaching eyes to the puppet's face
    • Tips on printing your custom puppet eyes. (No printer? No problem. We'll show you what plastics to choose and how to order 3D prints online.)
    • Tips on finishing techniques
    • Q & A session
    • Link to a recording of the workshop for future reference
    • BONUS: A 3D model eye kit to jumpstart your journey into 3D-printed puppet parts

    What will you need to attend?

    • Zoom (required) - You may download Zoom for free. A link for the workshop will be sent to your email address before the event.
    • Autodesk Tinkercad - If you're the hands-on type and would like to follow along with the demo, sign up for a Tinkercad account. It's free too!

    Note: Registration for the workshop will end TBD or when the class is full.
  • Terms & Conditions

    I agree to and will abide by the Terms of Service of this website and understand that access to this online workshop (a Project Puppet "product") is governed by such Terms of Service.

    Sharing. I understand that this online workshop is being provided for my personal, non-commercial use only and will not share this workshop in whole or in part, in any form, and through any medium, including screen capturing/mirroring, live streaming, or written transcript.

    Recording. I understand that this workshop will be presented via Zoom, and the workshop will be recorded by its presenter through Zoom. I understand that any recording of this workshop in whole or in part, in any form, whether through Zoom or other means, by attendees is prohibited.

    Files. Further, as part of this workshop, I will be provided with five (5) 3D-printable eye model files. I agree to use these files, in whole or in part, in accord with this website’s Terms of Service and understand that these files are being provided for my personal, non-commercial use only. I understand that these files are not to be reproduced in whole or in part, nor used in the mass production of puppets, materials, supplies, designs, or puppet features without express written consent.

  • FAQs

    Can I use the 3D-printable models in puppets that I design, build, sell, perform, or display?

    Yes. You can use the models to build your own puppet characters, much like you can use our puppet patterns. (See Terms of Service)

    Can I use the 3D-printable models to create 3D-printed eyes to share with or sell to others, or in the mass production of 3D-printed eyes?

    No. The 3D-printable models are for your own personal use and are not to be used to supply others (whether for sale or free) with 3D-printed eyes. Doing so infringes on this product’s license restrictions. (See Terms of Service)

    Can I record the online workshop on my device or with a secondary device so that I can view it later?

    No. Participant-initiated recording of any kind, including video or audio, in whole or in part, of the online workshop is prohibited. An edited version of the workshop will be provided to you after its completion.

    What will be included in the recording of the workshop?

    The recording will include the spotlighted video and, to the extent possible, omit video of attendees, their names, or their images. While preserving all relevant instruction from the workshop, every effort will be made to ensure that participants’ voices are not included in any edited versions of the recording, though this may be unavoidable at times.

    Can I share video of the online workshop on social media or another website?

    No. Sharing of this online workshop in any part or form is prohibited.

    We thank you for and highly-value your respect for copyrighted material as well as your fellow participants.

How to Model Puppet Eyes for 3D Printing - Online Workshop - Project Puppet